Part I: The Promise of Telehealth – A Cautionary Tale (Published by AJMC)

Sep 15, 2022

FROM THE EDITORS: Neil Minkoff, MD, founder of FountainHead HealthCare and the chief medical officer of COEUS Consulting Group, died suddenly on May 4, 2022. Dr Minkoff was a longtime friend of and frequent collaborator with The American Journal of Managed Care® (AJMC®). His colleagues, Joshua Greenblatt, BFA, and Yana Volman, MBA, have worked with the AJMC® editorial team to complete this project: a 2-part series on the future of telehealth. The first part appears online today, and the second part will appear in the October issue of Evidence-Based Oncology™.

The massive pandemic-driven expansion of telehealth will have a consequential, enduring impact on the healthcare delivery system. However, telehealth’s future role in health care delivery is deeply uncertain in terms of its appropriate use across the stages of patient care, among myriad disease types and discrete clinical care needs, and amid uncertainty in payment and provider operational models. [for full article visit]: