Mirador Global partners with e-Projection



Mirador Global LP and e-Projection formally partner to Further Enhance the Global Reach and Depth of Services Offered by Both Companies

Philadelphia, PA, USA – May 20, 2022 – Mirador Global, LP and e-Projection K.K. speciality consultancies based in Philadelphia, PA, USA and Tokyo, Japan, respectively, today announced a partnership to develop expanded outreach to mutual markets. The partnership will allow both parties to promote businesses to geographies previously unreached, and to mutually share each party’s robust capabilities. Specifically, the partnership gives each company entrée into the other’s country affording both companies the opportunity to bring new business into Japan, the worlds’ 3rd largest market for pharmaceuticals.  Additionally, e-Projection will be able to deliver its insights and services to previously untapped markets by augmenting the needs of Mirador clients.

Mirador helps biopharmaceutical companies develop robust and integrated global commercialization strategies. The company brings extensive consulting expertise to global drug commercialization and market access efforts.

e-Projection is a Tokyo-based consulting firm that helps companies and institutions, namely in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, enter the Japanese market with their products and technologies.

Through this partnership, e-Projection will be able to promote its business to North America and the EU, and Mirador will be able to do so to Japan. Both parties will engage in joint activities to serve their clients in a truly global context, including global research projects and global sales forecasting models.

“We are excited by this opportunity to partner with e-Projection Japan to gain access to their deep experience and expertise in this critical market, stated Lizzie Grosset, Vice President Global Access Strategy, Mirador Global LP. “The partnership enables Mirador us to provide truly global strategic consulting service to its clients. In turn, we look forward to collaborating with e-Projection’s talented team to support the generation of clear, robust US and EU insights-based strategies for their Japanese client base.”

“We have been impressed by the skills and capabilities of the experts at Mirador in the last few years and are thrilled to formalize our partnership with this great company,” said Tosh Nagate, CEO at e-Projection. “With this collaboration, we will develop global insights and strategies that are penetrating and actionable to our Japanese customer base and, at the same time, help the biotech community across the globe with cutting edge findings from the Japanese market.”

About e-Projection

e-Projection is a Tokyo-based consulting firm dedicated to global biotech, pharma, investors, and academic institutions who are interested in bringing their products/technologies to the Japanese market. e-Projection is a one-stop-shop consultancy which covers all the necessary factors for a non-Japanese biotech/pharmaceutical to plan to enter the Japanese market. To learn more about e-Projection, visit http://e-projection.com/